Sweet Cheeks

Make your kayak seat almost as comfortable as a new Jackson Kayak, with Boat Armor Outfitting. The Sweet Cheeks will blow you away with the immediate comfort improvements in any kayak, whitewater or flatwater. No glue needed. Simply peel and stick the Velcro hooks on the bottom of your seat, drop in the Sweet Cheeks, strap it in, so that the river canít take it away from you.

Black and blue Sweet Cheeks come in every Jackson boat. After market (retail) Sweet Cheeks are yellow and black. Sweet Cheeks use the same nylon as the Fun Floats, Footbags and Happy Seat.

What makes it so special?
The Sweet Cheeks form fits around your rear end to make a perfect bucket seat.

No pressure points
No more sliding around on your seat.
Is your seat designed to fit your rear end perfectly? No chance. Just look at how many sizes and shapes rear ends come in. The average kayak seat is designed to fit the largest rear end that would likely fit in the boat, otherwise that kayak would be useless to those with a big rear end. The Sweet Cheeks allows your rear end to form a butt imprint down deep, creating a bucket that surrounds you in back, to the sides, and on both sides of your legs. Low spots are filled in, high spots are taken down, and all of the areas that arenít normally supported are suddenly supported.