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KAYK ANGLERS CHOICE AWARDS: Jackson Kayak did very well this year with the kayak fishing specific awards chosen solely by kayak anglers. With over 5,000 unique voters the awards more than tripled last year’s participation.

Awards We Are Proud Of:

Angler of the Year – 2nd Place: Drew Gregory

Kayak of the Year – 2nd Place: Jackson Kayak Cuda 14

Most Innovative Product of the Year – 1st Place: Jackson Kayak High Seat (adjustable)

Online Video of the Year – 1st Place: Jackson Kayak Flying Fish

To see the entire list: CLICK HERE " I wanted to personally thank you for your help with the kayaks for First Descents this week. Your generosity was so much appreciated! Thank you for giving us the boats and gear at such a great price. The event wouldn’t have been possible without your support. On behalf all First Descents THANK YOU!!!!!!
Scott Ritter

" "I wanted to tell you what a nice job Phil did in instructing our group of four. I was hoping to get my friends interested in kayaking and they all came away very enthusiastic. Thanks, LB"

" Thank you so much for the time and effort that you put into organizing a very successful demonstration day for our athletes. This was a first and very significant step in setting up a kayaking program for Special Olympics athletes in 2008! We plan to post a short story and some of the pictures we took on our web-site in June as well as on our quarterly e-news letter that we send out to all of our coaches, volunteers and parents.

I was really excited by how quickly the majority of our athletes picked up the basics of kayaking and I think this was directly attributed to the guidance of your wonderful instructors. It was quite obvious that the athletes had a good time based on the amount of smiles that I saw, plus the fact that several of them came up to me asking where the first competition would be held!

As I mentioned in earlier conversations, this is the first by ant area in our state to start a kayaking program. Based upon the buzz and interest that was created from this event I truly believe that this sport will continue receiving more interest from coaches in our area. In fact, we had a handful of coaches that were at the event that did not bring any athletes out due to other obligations and they were curious if we could put on another demonstration day later this summer. If it is possible to have another demonstration day for our athletes in our area in August or September I think we will receive even more interest as word will spread about this program plus we will be in a downtime competition wise.

Thank you and your instructors again, this was an experience that our athletes will not soon forget. I hope we can continue working together on this program in the future.
Sincerely, Keith Kowalski, Program Director, Greater Fort Worth Area "

"My troop just returned from San Marcos where 5 scouts and 2 dads kayaked with Dave Holl and his team of enthusiastic helpers. I can not go on enough to tell you what a wonderful program Dave offers to our girls. He took 7 people (at least 5 of them were as timid, non athletic, low self confidence as they come) and had them dropping off 5 and 14 foot waterfalls. They came away from this event knowing if they can accomplish this they can do anything in life. Dave was incredibly thorough with safety and teaching all of the skills necessary to make this one of the most awesome events our troop has ever participated in. I highly reccommend this to every troop!"Kayla

" Adelaide, I just wanted to give you a report on the kayaking clinic - I only went to the indoor pool session, but I was extremely impressed with Dave Holl and the outfit he runs - Streams and Valleys should do more with him. The clinic was GREAT - we learned so much about individual paddle strokes and how to implement them, and it was such a positive experience. When we first got in the pool we were all slamming into each other like bumper cars, but by the end of two hours of instruction we were able to neatly maneuver around each other. Davey Hearn was a great teacher. Seriously, though, I was noticing as I walked with my daughter along the trail on Sunday, we had what seemed like thousands of walkers and bikers out enjoying the river trail, but I only saw ONE canoer the whole time. What a wasted resource! How can we get Ft. Worth interested in this fabulous resource? I talked to the canoer and he said he thought part of the problem was finding a good spot to put your boat in on the river, given the steep banks. Dave Holl told me he thought he was going to do a class for or with Streams and Valleys this spring, and I highly recommend it. All you have to bring is a swimsuit - they provide everything, including several different types of kayaks, so you can experiment and find the type that suits you best. They are very supportive and make you feel good about the progress you are making, even when you are a total novice - I was afraid of feeling awkward and/or looking stupid, but they put you at ease - no one is too big a novice for this class. I'd like to see Streams and Valleys find a way to get him over here more, and get more people on the river. I can't wait to go kayak shopping. "Lorri

"Just wanted to send you a quick note, to THANK YOU for a FANTASTIC Introduction to Kayaking, and sharing your experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and respectful approach. You are an outstanding individual and representative of all that is right with our great outdoors, kayaking and the many opportunities it offers! Thank you again for your professional involvement and training opportunities. I'm looking forward to future learning experiences and adventures with the Kayaking, and your organization." Larry Smith

"Dave, Just wanted to drop you a note, that we have made it to Australia and are having such a great time. The country and its people are great. We have seen so much, and it is only the end of the first week. We also wanted to thank you for the article in the DFW Sports Weekly, it turned out great. We have had lots of compliments on the article. Take care and we will see you after we get back, Need more kayak instruction." Mary Terry

"Dave, I wanted to let you know that I completely enjoyed the whitewater clinic. I learned a whole lot, have a lot more confidence in my boat, and am a lot closer to actually having a roll. The class was run in a way that I felt challenged but always safe. You, Ben and Rick do a great job of instructon. The San Marcos and Comal rivers are beutiful places to paddle albeit a bit crowded this time of year. I will tout your class to several friends who paddle or who want to become paddlers. I am interested in following up by taking a swiftwater rescue course and a higher level whitewater course when you offer them." Garry

"Hi Dave, Thanks again for the excellent roll class yesterday. I know Phillip and I learned a lot. Kyle did too. The other boys had a good time too -- hanging out in the hot tub and exploring the rest of the fitness center ;) Next time, I will know enough to discuss these potential distractions with the crew prior to arriving :) Some of the boys asked about going back to San Marcos again. I would like to start planning another trip. I anticipate a group size of 2-4 adults and 4-8 youth (where at least 4 would be "experienced", while the others may have little or no experience). Yours in Venturing! " Jeff

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your kayak class. It was a pleasant and fun experience that served many purposes for me. The classroom presentation provided me with good information on safety and the basics as well as what to expect and how to prepare for the hands on phase of the class. The hands on class gave me a chance to experience what basic kayaking is all about while learning and practicing various strokes. Having approximately a dozen different kayaks to choose from, of which I tried at least six, helped me understand the characteristics and tradeoffs of various kayaks and which would best serve my needs. The instructors that assisted you seemed quite capable, helpful, and fun to work with. Speaking of fun, how did you manage to attract such a nice and congenial group in spite of the diversity of backgrounds. As you know, I was somewhat skeptical about the practicality of a kayak for fishing although I recognized the simplicity and economic advantage over a bass boat. Now I am convinced that it will probably work but know that I will enjoy the kayaking even if it doesn't. I would love to get members of my family involved and if so, I will strongly recommend that they take your course. " Fred

"Dave, Just a note to let you know how much we all enjoyed the class. They already want to rent some kayaks and practice the roll in my pool. They want to have a few fund raising events and try and buy a couple of kayaks, so when you get ready to unload a few let me know. What's a ballpark figure for two kayaks like the RPMs? I'd like to give them some idea of what to set as a goal. I'll be in touch about another class for some more boys in the future. " Chuck Lucas, Troop 387, Bedford

  "Hi Dave, I just wanted to say "Thanks !" for the lessons this past Saturday at White Rock Lake. I had a great time and enjoyed learning the basics of kayaking. It was great to be able to try out the different boats and get a feel for what they are like. It was money well spent in that aspect alone as opposed to shelling out big bucks for a boat only to later realize that I made the wrong investment. I would like to come out again and try out the Dagger Blackwater as well as the Dagger Crossover boats in your fleet. From my research I think that one of these might very well be the "perfect fit" for me and want I want to do and where I might like to go in the sport. I also want to make sure that I get a chance to participate in the rescue portion of the class that we were not able to do because of the lightning (although the rain was great for keeping the temperature down LOL). If you will just keep me in the loop as to where/when the next Intro class will be and if I can be a part of it I would appreciate it very much." Charles Todd Peck, Business Analyst III

  "Dave, I wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your classes. Fay, Melanie, and I enjoyed your Introduction class. You and the other instructors are very capable and patient. Fay and Melanie loved the Whitewater class in San Marcos last weekend. Pictures of Melanie going over the 16' waterfall were amazing. I know that she is now hooked on kayaking and is already talking about purchasing a kayak and roof carrier. You have won her over. I hope to attend your Whitewater class within the next month or two. Fay is planning to be there, too. I may have recruited two more students for you. Our good friends Bill and Kathy have indicated interest in kayaking with us and I told them about your classes. Have fun and watch those wet exits!" Dan Barry
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