Star Series

Star top view Tried and True Performance you can count on: Here is what Playboaters on six continents have found in their All-Stars in the past two seasons.

    Beginners enjoy the fastest learning curve of any up and coming playboaters. Your first spin, surf, loop, cartwheel or even Eskimo roll will be rewarded with an easier to perform boat.
    Intermediates really begin to set the All-Star loose with explosive pop in the wedged shape bow and stern, speedy hull, and easy to get off the water design.
    Experts have already earned the 1st-5th places in the last World Championships in Thun, Switzerland in the Men’s Pro class. Need we say more?
Why an All-Star instead of the Rock Star? If you want tried and true, the All-Star is just that. The lower seating position of the All-Star doesn’t require any learning curve, while the higher seating position of the Rock Star will take a few days to get comfortable with.

    Weight: 29 lbs
    Length: 5’7.5″
    Width: 25.75″
    Height: 13.5″
    Volume: 51 gal
    Cockpit Dimensions: 33″ x 19″
    Ideal Weight Range: 100-160 lbs
    Weight: 30 lbs
    Length: 5’11”
    Width: 26.75″
    Height: 14″
    Volume: 59
    Cockpit Dimensions: 34.75″ x 20.25″
    Ideal Weight Range: 140-200 lbs
Super Star
    Weight: 33 lbs
    Length: 6’1.5″
    Width: 28″
    Height: 14.5″
    Volume: 67
    Cockpit Dimensions: 36″ x 21″
    Ideal Weight Range: 180-230 lbs
    Length: 6’4-1/2″
    Width: 28-1/4″
    Height: 15″
    Volume: 72-3/4 gallons
    Cockpit: 37″ x 21-1/2″
    Weight: 37 lbs
    Target Weight Range: 210-300 lbs