Sidekick top view Ever wonder why you can’t find one on the used market? Because these things are a hot commodity! Once your kids’ have one, they’ll have lots of new friends, and so will you! Everyone will want to borrow it, or buy it from you.
Why the Side Kick: High volume, stable, fast, lightweight, easy to roll river runner for kids. Let your kid accompany you on your Hero missions! For 40-120 pounds.
The Paddler’s Advantage: For downriver paddling, or even flatwater, this boat offers a stable platform and speed. This is a perfect boat for kids who want to stay right side up and are more interested in exploring new parts of the river then playing.

A true kids river runner is perfect for your little ones when you want some volume and stability in a small package that they can handle. Don’t put your kids in big boats that they can’t learn and have as much fun in. This is a well endowed kids boat with the bells and whistles of an adult boat. Made with the Super Linear outfitting package, it adjusts easily and will last for a long time. This is a small version of our Hero.

Sidekick Specs
•Length = 79” (or 6’ 7”)
•Width = 22.25”
•Height = 13.0”
•Volume = 50 gallons
•Weight: 27 pounds
•Paddler range
•Legs: 20”-32”
•Feet: kids-men’s 9
•Weight range: 30-100 pounds
•Cockpit Dimensions: 29″ x 16.5