Shooting Star

shooting star top view When the first generation of playboat hit the whitewater market, a whole new world opened up in both beginner and freestyle instruction. The smaller boat allowed paddler to learn the roll, be more stable in moving water and cut through trouble spots on the river easily. When the Shooting Star hit the market, this new list of benefits became available to the kid! As the Shooting Star found itself in more and more paddlers, it became the dominant child instructional craft as well as the best Freestyle kayak on the market for the Under-100 lb paddler!
  • Beginners just learning to kayak and think play boating looks like the way to go? The Shooting star river runs fine, and allows you to learn to roll, surf, squirt, cartwheel, loop, and that is just the beginning!
  • Intermediates will become experts quick. The Shooting Star has been on the podium of many Pro freestyle events in the past few years with paddlers that were only beginners the year before.
  • Experts under 100 pounds know that this is the only choice. Nobody has ever made a freestyle kayak for them before. The big question on the Pro Tour when the Shooting Star came out was always: “Have you been beaten by Dane yet?” By the end of the first season, Dane had beaten every pro in his Shooting Star at least once in that boat.

  • Shooting Star Specs
      Weight: 19 lbs
      Length: 5′ 2″
      Width: 19″
      Height: 11″
      Volume: 31 gallons
      Ideal Weight Range: 30 to 100 lbs
      Cockpit Dimensions: 28.75″ x 17″