rogue top view The Basics: Jackson Kayak designs have made our whitewater kayaks #1. There is exceptional history behind the craftsmanship of in-house designer Tony Lee. From a materials standpoint, we use the same plastic resin in our touring kayaks as we do for our most hardcore whitewater kayaks. Although this may be considered over-kill, we are proud to offer these materials along with a lifetime warranty on all our recreational and touring kayaks.

The Rogue’s reason for being is to give paddlers a drier, more stable, stronger and supremely comfortable ride for longer treks and overnighters in a diversity of paddling conditions. Attention to detail means the Rogue’s roomy rear hatch will store more than enough gear for multi day excursions. . Jackson Kayak sets the bar very high with the Rogues focus on comfort. The Rogue sports Jackson Kayak’s infinitely adjustable “Sure Lock” back band system, hip pads, thigh pads and ultra comfy SL seating, bringing extended comfort and enjoyment on all your excursions.

What you can expect from the Rogue:

•Beginners - A boat that will grow with your skills. Stable, fun and easy to paddle. This kindly Rogue is your best friend when you suddenly find yourself in river conditions a little bumpier than expected and need a boat that will turn on the auto-pilot to keep you upright and smiling. The durability of our plastic will also forgive the new boater for their treatment as they are dragged over rock and sand, and tossed up onto cars.
•Intermediates - Confidence-inspiring is one of the chief goals of all Jackson Kayak designs and the Rogue does not disappoint. When you’re ready to test your mettle in tougher whitewater, the Rogue will right there at your side – well actually, under your bottom – to quell any hesitation and let you charge like champion.
•Experts - You’re a veteran and with experience comes discriminating taste. You have exacting performance expectations. We do too. We infuse that same championship mentality that makes us world champions in whitewater into the design of every design we make. From best-in-class materials, to ergonomic outfitting, adjustability, aesthetics and speed the Rogue delivers more for the money.
  The Rogue 9
    Construction: superlinear, rotomolded
    Length: 9'4″
    Width: 27.75
    Weight: 44 lbs
    Max Capacity: 200 lbs
The Rogue 10
    Construction: superlinear, rotomolded
    Length: 10'
    Width: 27.5
    Weight: 47 lbs
    Max Capacity: 280 lbs
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