Mini Tripper

Mini Tripper top view Jackson Kayaks has long ensured that the entire family can enjoy the same paddling experience, whether it be on a wave, running a drop or on lakes and flatwater river systems. The MiniTripper gives kids of all ages the freedom they are beginning to seek to get out onto the water in their own craft in comfort and safety. A hybrid of the canoe and kayak, this boat can take kid, gear, dog and much more on journey’s of any length and destination.

The Paddler’s Advantage:
•For beginners the Minitripper is alone in the field of kayaks for its amenability to children from ages 3 and up. If they can sit upright, they can paddle this boat. It sits much lower in the water than a canoe keeping your child’s center of gravity low and the boat stable. Designed by World Champion whitewater craftsmen, this boat is built on engineering that provides secondary stability and a hull that keeps the boat upright through rough water and occupants dry.
•The intermediate and advanced paddler can start venturing out on their own as the speed you can garner with this kayak combined with the double kayak blade out motors and maneuvers canoes on any given day! As you child starts to gain confidence, they can easily take this boat on longer adventures accompanying the adults wherever they may go! This craft has lots of storage and with its weight capacity can easily transport fishing gear, tents and other camping and fun gear.

Mini Tripper Specs
•Length: 109.88″
•Width: 23″
•Weight: 27 lbs
•Carrying Capacity: 40 – 140 lbs