Hero Series

hero top view The Paddler’s Advantage: If you want a feel for how the boat will paddle…. Think sporty- the Hero is short and stable, yet super fast for the length. This will become a staple for anyone wanting to teach or learn the roll as well.
    For beginners look for easier to roll, easier to steer and stay on line, and much easier to keep on the surface going through waves or holes.
    For intermediate paddlers, you’ll get the same, plus the best boofing you can imagine, and stability in harder rapids, and a much more friendly/fun surfing machine.
    For Expert boaters, the creeking and big water capibilities is greatly improved, along with the simple stability which keeps you right side up in harder stuff.

    Faster, better boofing,
    easier to control,
    better surfing,
    greatly improved creeking ability,
    lighter weight
    Narrower knee profile for more comfortable ergonomics

    Length: 88” (or 7’ 4”)- 223cm
    Width: 26″- 66cm
    Height: 15.0” – 38 cm
    Volume: 76.5 gallons- 289 liters
    Cockpit: 35″ x 20.5″- 89cm X 52cm
    Weight: 41 pounds – 18.6 KGs
    Target weight range: 115-190 pounds- 52KGs-86 KGs
Super Hero
    Length = 93” (or 7’ 9”)- 236cm
    Width = 27″- 68cm
    Height=16″- 40cm
    Volume = 90 gallons- 342 liters
    Cockpit: 37″ x 21.5″ – 94cm X 54.6cm
    Weight: 44 pounds- 19.9 KGs
    Target weight range: 155-290 pounds- 70KGs- 130 KGs