Fun Series

Fun top view
  • NEW 2015 hull shape for river running and play Ė narrow for speed but flared out sidewalls and continuous rocker keeps your edges out of the water.
  • Bow Rocker raised for 2015 to keep more water off the deck, make the most of your boofs, and help you cross holes and eddy lines with authority.
  • Blunted ends add stability and foot room while maintaining the sporty short length and huckability of a play boat.
  • NEW continuous rocker planing hull for dynamic surfing with less chance of pearling than ever before.
  • Side-wall flair for added stability on edge, easier rolling, later bracing, and to reduce the effects of boils and cross-currents.
  • Loads of foot room!

  • For 2015 weíve taken the Fun a step back towards river running but kept that liberal dash of Ēplay boatĒ in the mix for a sporty, forgiving ride down your favorite rivers. Whether buying your first kayak or just looking to add some spice to your local runs, the Fun can handle big water or technical rapids up to class 4+ but excels at playing itís way down them. Surf, splat, cartwheel, carve, spin and squirt your way down your home run but donít be afraid to challenge some more distant runs too.

    The limitation of the Fun is that itís a small, light kayak. There is no shock-absorbing bulkhead or rear security loops and the plastic is less thick than our creek boats. This means even though a skilled paddler can paddle a Fun down most anything, itís not built sturdy enough to handle high-impact creeking routinely and the lower volume shape will be more challenged by really big boily water compared to a longer, higher volume kayak.

    There are great advantages to this too! This lighter weight little boat is easier to load on the car and fits inside most models for security in cities or to save gas on the highway. There is very little swing weight, so itís much more nimble to carry as well as to paddle. And when it comes to rolling, bracing, boofing etc youíll love how easy it is to move this boat when you want, where you want. Itís simply much easier to be the boss of a shorter, lighter kayak!.

    If you plan on focusing more on downriver paddling, choose the model where you are at the lower end of the weight range to keep the boat riding high and floating over everything. If you choose to get vertical as often as possible, then make sure you are middle to top end of the weight range so you can drop the ends even in flat water. For 2015 I would say the Fun paddles a bit larger than the 2010-14 model but well smaller than the 2010 4-Fun. The 2015 4-Fun will paddle larger than the previous one too, but not nearly as big as the Super-fun. That taller, flared sidewall seems to really add a lot to the river-running abilities of this model and without any drawbacks we can think of.

    Fun 2015
      Length: 6' 10"
      Width: 25.5"
      Height: 14"
      Volume: 59 gallons
      Cockpit: 34.5?X 20.25?
      Weight: 32lbs
      Footrest Type - Happy Feet + Foam
      Max Inseam (in) 34
      Max Foot (Menís) 10.5
      Opt. River Running (lbs) 160
      Opt. Playboating (lbs) 170
      Opt. Overall (lbs) 165
      Capacity (lbs) 210
    4 Fun 2015
      Length (ft, in) 7' 2?
      Width (in) 26.5'
      Height (in) 14.5?
      Volume (Gallons) 67
      Weight (Pounds) 35
      # Seats 1
      Seat Type (WW, Elite, Mold) WW
      Hi-Lo Seating (Yes/No) No
      Footrest Type (Peg, Foam, WW, Mold, etc) Happy Feet + Foam
      Max Inseam (in) 39
      Max Foot (Menís) 13
      Opt. River Running (lbs) 190
      Opt. Playboating (lbs) 220
      Opt. Overall (lbs) 200
      Capacity (lbs) 250
      Cockpit Dimensions 36?X 20.75?
      Material Linear Poly
    2 Fun
      Length: 6' 2"
      Width: 25.5"
      Height: 13"
      Volume: 48.5 gallons
      Cockpit: 33" x 19"
      Weight: 30lbs
      Target Weight Range: 110-155 lbs.
      this boat handles a little bit more weight than the 2007 version, as it is slightly larger.
    Super Fun
      Length: 7' 1"
      Width: 27.5"
      Height: 14.75"
      Volume: 70 gallons
      Cockpit: 37.5" x 21.75"
      Weight: 33lbs
      Target Weight Range: 210 - 265 lbs.