Fun 1

Fun 1 top view Ever wonder why you can’t find one on the used market? Because these things are a hot commodity! Once your kids’ have one, they’ll have lots of new friends, and so will you! Everyone will want to borrow it, or buy it from you.
Jackson Kayak launched our company with this model. Bringing high performance, fun to paddle, lightweight, comfortable boats to kids. While the Fun 1 is for kids, it is truly designed to get the parents back on the water. Get your kid a Fun 1 or Fun 1.5 and then you’ll have to go paddling with them! Yippie!

•Little kids are super stable and can learn to paddle around in it. (30-50 pounds)
•Medium kids can learn to roll, paddle, and after they get some skills can learn to river run and surf in it. (40-60 pounds)
•Larger kids can playboat the Fun 1 really well in flatwater, or whitewater (60-80 pounds)

Fun 1 Specs
•Length (inches): 5’3″ (161 cm)
•Width (inches): 20.0 inches (27 cm)
•Height (inches): 10.5 (27 cm)
•Volume (gallons): 26.0 (99 L)
•Weight: 19.8 lbs (9 kg)
•Max Inseam: 26.0 inches (67 cm)
•Max Foot: Size 4.0 (mens)
•Optimum River Running: 60 lbs (28 kg)
•Optimum Playboating: 80 lbs (37 kg)
•Optimum Overall: 30 – 80 lbs
•Cockpit Dimensions: 15 1/2 x 28