Cruise 10

Cruise top view Smaller size of a versatile, general purpose recreational SOT featuring Jackson Kayak signature features like Hi-Lo Seating and stability. Uses standard Elite Seat. Includes basic deck features like cup holders and bungees. The Cruise is also available in both a standard version and the Angler version.
  Cruise 10
    Style (SOT, Sit-In, etc) SOT
    Length (ft, in) 10′ 3″
    Width (in) 32.5″
    Height (in) 12.5″
    Weight (Pounds) 58 lbs (53 w/o seat)
    Seat Type (WW, Elite, Mold) Elite
    Hi-Lo Seating (Yes/No) Yes
    Front Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) Yes, 9 3/8″
    Day Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) Yes, 5 1/2″
    Deck Rigging (Y/N, Bow, Stern, Both) Both
    Capacity (lbs) 300
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