Big Rig

Cruise top view The Big Rig is designed for stability and performance with an even longer list of Jackson Kayak innovation than ever before. Our goal was to design a kayak that anyone can paddle, no matter their size, their experience in a kayak or their fishing turf. The end result is a kayak that paddles stable, smooth and covers ground fast. Its hull design allows for both the big fisherman or small sized paddler to be able to handle this kayak.

All sizes of fisherman can both manipulate this kayak and stand up with ease. With its surprisingly great tracking, smooth lines, planing hull, the Big Rig is a fast boat that can take you over big bodies of water, maneuverable enough for small rivers and marshlands and has a low profile to help you in the wind. Standing has never been so easy with the addition of our standing bar and leaning system. This retractable bar can be lifted into place, secured and allows you to lift yourself up, hold yourself in place and even has a paddle resting spot for casting with two hands free!

The speed comes from a new innovative design in the outer keels we have designed for the Big Rig. It tracks straight and carries the speed well. The smoothest hull in our fleet helps you drift with control across the grounds you are fishing to all you to make the right casts at the right time without having to battle steering the kayak.

Innovation comes not only with the standard JK features you are used to like the Hi/Lo Elite Seat, the rod storage, tackle box positions around the seat, under the seat, the RAM components, but it also comes ready for the more advanced innovations like the Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder and the PowerPole MicroPole system.
    Enhanced Cuda-Type Rod Storage/Protection
    Raymarine and PowerPole Ready
    Multiple Rod & Tackle Stagers/ Holders/Tracks
    Enhanced Coosa-Style Hatches
    Patented Hi-lo seating
    Jackson Kayak adjustable/removable lumbar support
    JK retractable casting brace
Big Rig
    Style (SOT, Sit-In, etc) SOT
    Length (ft, in) 13 ft 2 in
    Width (in) 37″
    Height (in) 12 in @ beam. 16 in max.
    Weight Capacity 450 lbs
    Weight (Pounds) 92 lbs (98 w Elite Seat)
    # Seats 1
    Seat Type (WW, Elite, Mold) Elite
    Hi-Lo Seating (Yes/No) Yes
    # Foam Bulkheads/Locations NA
    Front Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) Yes, 12.5″ x 17″
    Day Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) No
    Rear Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in) Yes, 7″ x 12″
    Deck Rigging (Y/N, Bow, Stern, Both) Yes, Bow and Stern Rigging
    Rudder (Yes/No, Optional) Optional
    Rudder Type (Smart, Peg) SeaLect TruCourse
    Footrest Type (Peg, Foam, WW, Mold, etc) Peg
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