Freedom Hawk 12

Freedom Hawk Video The Freedom 12 represents the next generation of Freedom Hawk Kayaks, taking Stand-Up Kayak Fishing to a new level — at a price every budget can afford: Only $1,095.

This ultimate fishing machine features a patented inline outrigger system, giving anglers a choice of 3 positions. It paddles like a conventional kayak when in the first position. Position two offers additional stability when fishing or rigging a rod. The third position fully extends the outriggers into their patented “inline position” for maximum efficiency when paddling, fishing, polling, or motoring (with the optional motor mount). Now you can stalk fish with less drag and water movement, or gain additional paddling stability in more challenging paddling conditions.

The Freedom 12 also features a new lightweight hull, featuring a break down carrying weight just over 50 pounds.

There’s only one fishing kayak innovative and stable enough to put you in position to catch more fish — the new Freedom 12 by Freedom Hawk Kayaks.
  Length - Overall: 12'3" Hull: 9' Outriggers: 45"
Width - 31"
Weight - Total: 72 lbs Max weight capacity: 250-275 lbs
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