Happy Feet Footbag

Tuck your feet into our bean bag and get them super comfy, then close the valve and you have your footprint proudly placed in our Happy Feet Footbag. Then pump the bulb which inflates the adjustment bladder and you will tighten up bag until you have the right amount of pressure to give you the control you like. Get to the bottom of the rapid, or pull into an eddy and hit the release valve, now you have excess room again and can lift your knees out easily to relax. This is how I define comfort and adjustability and this is the Happy Feet Footbag. It comes standard in all Jackson Kayak models and comes in two sizes for maximum effectiveness for all paddler sizes.

Sizing: Large or Small?

1) Small- The small bag is literally smaller. It has less beans, and allows you to get as far into the bow as you can comfortably go. The air bladder is the same allowing you to still adjust up to 9. The small comes standard in the Fun 1, 2 Fun, Fun, and All-Star.

2) Large- The large bag is designed for shorter legs and the really big boats that have more volume in the front of them at the foot area. I have a 28 inseam and size 8 foot so I need the large bag in the Fun and All-Star. In the 2 Fun (I barely fit) I need the small bag. We are shipping your dealer a large bag in their dealer kit so they will have one to swap out if you need it. Make sure you call them to order more if you know you need one in case somebody beats you to the punch. We will be selling these things as an accessory in case you decide to make your current boat more comfortable instead of getting the whole enchilada and buying a Jackson Kayak this year.