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Quick Start In To The Sport Of Kayaking
Price: $60.00
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If you want to get a quick start in to the sport of Kayaking, this is the perfect clinic for you. This is a 3 hour course which follows the ACA QuickStart Clinic format. The purpose of this course is to expose you, the participant, to basic paddling and safety skills necessary to explore the different crafts used in the kayaking sport. No special skills or previous experience is necessary. This clinic is taught on quiet water and is the perfect environment to "get your feet wet" and experience a new sport in a controlled and safe environment.

In this class the student will be able to try out different types of kayaks; whitewater, recreational, sit on tops and sea kayaks. By being able to experience all these different type of boats, you will learn faster than in classes that do not have such a diverse fleet. After this class, the student will be able to look at a kayak and identify its characteristics simply by looking at it. This class serves as a demo program to help the student identify the kayak they will eventually want to purchase.

The QuickStart program is a must for beginning kayakers who want to avoid the pitfalls of a trial and error learning process. Many of the correct kayaking skills are counter intuitive and a good instructor can save you time and frustration and speed your advancement with this recreational sport.
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